martedì 30 agosto 2011

LIFETIME moments

Dear diary,

I’ve finished with the work for today and finally I have some time for myself, for my thoughts that I usually share with you. It passed some time since our last ‘conversation’, but here I am, ready to talk too much, as always.

Today I want to speak about lifetime moments, days or hours so special for us that we will always keep alive in our memory.  I had a few moments like this that I keep in my heart and remember from time to time. This weekend I lived one of those precious instants that cannot be described by words so easily but I will give a try.

I met Fabiola exactly 11 years ago. I was travelling from Trento to Trieste where I was supposed to go to the university to matriculate myself. She was going there too, for the same reason. In that train actually began our friendship although we couldn’t suppose that at the time. The university started in October 2000 and that first year I ended up in a catholic dormitory run by the nuns of Providence where I met again with Fabiola, Faby as we all call her, and the other two girls Alessandra and Clara. We became close friends no matter the following year they moved to a flat and I stayed in a crazy catholic dormitory where I spent three years.  The guys who lived at the time in a man catholic dormitory, our university colleagues, used to call us Providence girls. I still have the habit to call us with the same lovely nick name that reminds me of good old university days.

While we were still doing a BA, Faby started to date Walter, her high school love. I remember our long conversations in train on our way back home to Trento regarding love issues. Sometimes we would speak about some serious things, obviously, not only gossiping. I met Walter when he came once to visit her in Gorizia and my first impression was: What a lovely couple. They were really perfect together.

We graduated. She moved to Germany. I moved to Bologna for MA. We were in contact no matter the distance between us. She then passed to the UK, I lived in Hungary.  Sometimes we would meet in Trento, our beautiful town, in occasion of holidays. Walter was still present in her life. There are, if I am not wrong, something like eight years that they have been together.. and some time that they were engaged.  I said were because they are not engaged any more.

In May I received by mail the invitation for their wedding which was held this Saturday. I was so touched when I read it. I admit, I cried a little bit. I’m very emotional person, I know. I couldn’t avoid tears neither when I saw the bride in her lovely white dress, so simple and unique, exactly like she is. Clara and Alessandra were also present at the ceremony, together with their boyfriends Sebastiano and Marco. It was the perfect occasion to spend some time together as we don’t live in the same cities. I cried in the church during the wedding ceremony, Clara too. Luckily I was well equipped by the packages of paper towels.

It was really the perfect w-day, one that I will always recall with the pleasure and joy. And those that we lived all together were simply lifetime moments that will be a part of us forever.

Congratulations to Faby & Walter!

p.s. If you realize from the pictures above that I got fat, please don’t say it. I might get upset. There is, just in case, a package of paper towels at my night table. 

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  1. Divna prica o prijateljstvu. To i jesu momenti koji zivot cine. A na proslavama poput vencanja, krstenja, rodjendana, uvek ih se setis, i koliko god divni da bili, i uzivao nekada u njima, nekako izazovu nostalgiju. Nadam se da si se lepo provela na vencanju, i uzivacu da citam tvoje tekstove na italijanskom :)

  2. Hvala Jovana... :) A i hvala i tebi Katarina sto si svratila na moj sareni i multi-jezicki blog. Na vencanju je bilo zaista lepo, sto se da videti na slikama. :) Malo sam bila zauzeta poslednjih mesec dana, ali pisacu uskoro i na italijanskom. :)


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