domenica 3 luglio 2011

The King of Wimbledon

Dear diary,

It’s Sunday evening. I’ve spent almost entire day watching tennis and inevitably my mind went back in time. I was remembering the other Sunday of last January which was pretty much the same, except for the weather. Today there was no snow and in place of it there was sun shining brightly. We‘re at the beginning of very hot summer, my favorite season of the year and I can’t say that I am not happy. But there is, actually, another more important reason for my happiness.

I am so happy today that there are no adequate words to express my feelings. I am so proud to be a Serb, as I always am, but today even more. It’s a great day for my country and for sport in general, or to be precise for the world tennis which has the new champion. Our best tennis player Novak Nole Đoković has just won Wimbledon, since Friday he is at the top of the ATP list, which was his dream since he was a kid, and made us all very proud of him.  It was a very interesting match, both Nole and Rafael Nadal played very well, but obviously Đoković was better. Although his play in the third set made us a little bit upset, at the end he won, which was expected. His time is now, and his work and sacrifice from the last twenty years have finally paid off. Congratulations Nole! Thank you once again for making this Sunday so special. 

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