martedì 5 luglio 2011

North Pole, here I come!

Dear diary,

I’m seriously taking into consideration to move to the North Pole soon. Here in Italy, at north to be precise, in my lovely second home town called Trento, is so hot that is unbearable. I don't know if the cause of it is so many times mentioned global warming, but even if it is summer it's too warm.  I can't sleep again, it is not normal to change a night for day, my mum would say. And probably she would have point, as usual. I don't say it often, I prefer to have point myself. 

Just try to imagine, the imagination has always been my top subject at the life school, to be able to pack yourself at this moment and leave. Destination: North Pole. You might even meet Santa Claus in person and ask him for Christmas presents in advance! Obviously, it works only if you believe that he exists! There you will be more happy and satisfied, and of course there is no fear that you will suffer from warm. Hopefully. Maybe at the North Pole weather has changed too, and if it is like that, you can always come back and blame the global warming for your wrong decision. But at least you've tried to change your environment. I don't know what you will do, but I think I'll start packing.

Bon voyage!

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