giovedì 17 marzo 2011

The sense of life

Dear diary,

It’s been a while since my last confidence. It’s not that I was lazy. Sometimes even that can happen. I just had nothing to say. There have been the weeks of silence, I know. Important is that am here again, alive and willing to share my thoughts with you, as usual.

I have a constant thought that has been going through my mind for days, regarding the sense of life. We get born, starting our journey crying, surrounded by our loving and carrying parents. Then first we are just kids who believe that everything is so nice and fabulous, but as we grow up, we start looking the world with totally different eyes. The eyes of grown up men and women. Suddenly we are more realistic, sometimes less optimists, and what we see can cause us a big and profound sense of bitterness, helplessness. That’s exactly what I feel these days. I feel so helpless, and I believe not to be the only one. What has happened in Japan, the strong and not easy forgettable earthquake that has caused tsunami, that has taken away the innumerous victims, made me feel so impotent. It’s not the first time I felt like that. I felt exactly the same when the earthquake hit Aquila, as when my hometown Kraljevo in Serbia had the same destiny last November. People say that the earthquakes are something caused naturally, something that can’t be avoided, but that doesn’t help me feel better, nor will help people who lost their families and friends in some national disaster. What’s happening in Japan is even more serious, since there’s also the possible nuclear catastrophe to be taken into account. I was a kid when there was the same situation with Chernobyl in Ukraine, and don’t remember much. But I’m not the child anymore, and I’m quite aware of consequences that the Fukushima may leave behind. What’s then the sense of life if it can be destroyed “just like this”? Once there are you, happy and alive, and in the very next moment you are gone. For good.

Life is, however, something very precious. Life is a very special gift that we need to respect. Life is to be lived, no matter what happens. Life is a miracle. Just think of that priceless moment when a child is born. Life may be long or short. You can never know when it will be your last day so live every and each day of your life as it might be the last. Don’t regret. Everything you do, every moment of your life, was worth of. And be happy because the fact that you wake up alive, surrounded by people you love, make of you the happiest and richest people. Don’t be selfish, or greedy. Give, even if it’s the small amount of money, to people who are in need. Helping people is such a great feeling. Be noble. Don’t think that if Japan, am just quoting the current situation, is far away from you that you should not care about it. Remember that we are destroyable. We are not machines, robots. We are humans. We have feelings, emotions. We are alive, as long as it is meant to be.

Life may bring us sorrow. Life may make us suffer. Life may come to an end in one instant and take away from us our beloved. Life may bring us joy, happiness and love. Life is the gift and sometimes we are not aware how precious it is. Life is to be lived today, not yesterday, not tomorrow. Life is now. Live your life the best way you can, it’s the only one you have. Keep it always on your mind.

And don’t forget a prayer. Pray for people who are not as lucky as you are, who lost their lives in Japan and not only. And help, if you can, people who survived this catastrophe. They can and have to live again.

May God bless us all, where ever we are.

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