domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Bye, bye 2012...welcome 2013!

Dear diary,

It finally came to an end, that 2012 full of surprises, some beautiful some other to be forgotten. If I make a summery, I can't say that it was negative, it had its black moments but fortunately they are behind me. 

In 2012 I ended some old projects and started others, new and fresh, that gave me a satisfaction and the opportunity to work with great people from whom I've learned really a lot. I had fun, laughed to tears, cried in critical instants but managed to get over it, read interesting books and started to work on my new novel. I met new people and began with the voluntary work at the Trentino - Balkans Association. 

I don't want to make plans, write the list of useless resolutions for 2013 that just entered the scene. This time I want to get surprised, day by day. I can just hope that it would be the great year of my life. I have a lot of projects and dreams to fulfill, by myself. Belief, hard work, positivism, smile, good health, family & friends, what else do we need to have a perfect circle of 365 days?

Welcome 2013! Surprise me and I’ll surprise you more!

Happy new year to those who visit, occasionally or frequently, my multi – cultural world!
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