giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

New Year resolution(s)

Dear diary,

Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve. No, I'm not crazy, nor there is some time machine hidden in my garden. There were moments that I dreamed of having one, but this is not such a moment, I can assure you. Ok, some of you might tell me that I've been blind, or simply 'look at your calendar you have one don't you'? Yes, I have one and it says: January, 12th, 2011. So? If today is 12th January, how is it possible that is the New Year's Eve? Oh, it's quite possible, trust me. Well, I don't want you to send me to some shrink, or something like this, so, let me clear something very important. I am feeling great, never been better, and tomorrow is 13th, luckily Thursday and not Friday because I'm a bit superstitious, January. In another words, we have a so-called Orthodox New Year, still celebrated in my home country Serbia, so, as you can see, I haven't lied. And as every New Year that has to be respected, my New Year has its own resolution list.

Today I was particularly full of energy, positive thoughts and plans for this 2011. I haven't felt like this for long time and it's kind of strange but great feeling. I wrote my concise but nice text on Vanessa Paradis for Wannabe magazine, at least there I'm following certain page rules and don't "talk" much as I usually do here on my blog and in private life as well, I cooked my favorite dish (I became such a big chef trust me). It was the ordinary but quite happy day. As I began this year with some new plans and wishes, and with some extra kilos too, in order to keep on mind everything (I'm getting old and I might forget) I had to create this list that is called 'New Year resolution'. So:

  1. Be happy. Be healthy. Be me always. Be in.. how was that word beginning with l? That emotional word. I can't recall it now but you know what I mean, right?
  2. Find a decent job that makes me happy. And some money too, it can't hurt, no?
  3. Spend more time with people I love, family and friends.
  4. Travel more. Visit Barcelona. Going back to Paris. Visit Ljilja in Strasbourg maybe, and Sanja in Vienna. Switzerland and UK are also waiting for me. Latin America can wait. For now. (How modest I am.)
  5. Going back to Serbia: Kraljevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad. (It's been such a long time, more than a year, since my last visit. )
  6. Write a new book. (I'm already working on new project. )
  7. Lose some extra kilos I gained during all these festivities. (I've already put a word DIET in my agenda, starting from January 15th. )

That's all. For now. If I remember something to be added, I'll update this list. Probably in 2012.

See you around people! Happy New Year, again. Or better, SREĆNA NOVA GODINA.

2 commenti:

  1. Срећна нова година; Надамо се да остваримо наше жеље...

  2. Хвала од срца Беппе! Нек нам се све желје остваре!


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