lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

With all my heart and soul in Moscow

Dear diary,

I got up at the usual time. A new week has begun. It’s, still, Monday, January 24, 2011. The entire world will remember it as a black Monday, and I am not speaking about stocks, quotations, markets. Today, in a terrorist attack at the Moscow international airport Domodedovo, more than 30 men and women lost their lives. There are more than 100 casualties, among whom one Serbian citizen from a town near mine, Kragujevac. It’s a very sad day, for Russian people, and not only. It’s a very sad day for all people who are fed up with these mindless monsters who don’t care about the precious gift simply called life. They just care about their political game, their will, their never-ending war. We shouldn’t hate anyone, but I do hate them. I hate them because those people who died today, who died in other terrorist attacks among the world, I haven’t forgotten 11th September nor I will, haven’t deserved such an end. I hate them because they are cowards. The innocent people who died today, all victims, are not those with whom they are fighting. They don’t represent government, or have any guilt, except of those they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I hate them because it’s not right to loose a life because of someone’s rage. But that’s how it goes. That’s a life. It sucks sometimes, but still it is precious and worth of living.

I wrote before to Anya, a Russian girl I meet in Hungary during my exchange program to express my sadness and condolences. I remembered that lovely town I stayed in for a month in 2003. I relived that 9th October of 2003, landing at the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo, and a news about an announced bomb attack that got to us. I saw in my mind the closed Red square, due to possible attack. I almost felt a Moscow breeze. I felt an immense sorrow while watching the TV news broadcasting live from Russia. I simple was there, although just for a second. And I couldn’t stop asking to myself in what kind of world we live in. In the world where we have to be afraid of those monsters who are hijacking airplanes, suicide oneself with damn bombs by killing other innocent people? That’s the world I dislike. Life is to be lived without any fear. What kind of world will we leave to our children? Hope the better one. And that is my tonight prayer.

I pray for those innocent people, victims of today’s Moscow terrorist attack. I pray for their families and beloved ones. I pray for those who survived. I pray for all of us, hoping to put an end, one day, to these monsters all over the world. It’s maybe a utopia. A dream that never will come true. But it costs nothing dreaming. One day that dream might become a reality.

Good night world. Спокойной ночи Москва.

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