lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

Let’s talk about love – part 1

Dear diary,

What a lovely although very cold Monday. New day, new week, the second one of this month. My calendar, and not only mine, shows 14th - known all over the world as the Saint Valentine’s Day. A day of love, of people who are loved and in love too. There are many theories on its origin but the favorite one of most people is a legendary romantic version based on roman priest Valentine who was executed on 14th February because he married one very much in love couple. However, it’s not that certain that this guy really existed. There are some historical writings that speak about two Valentine’s and that was why, although the pope made him a saint in the 5th century, St. Valentine was “expelled” from the catholic calendar during the 1969 revision. Since then St. Valentine’s day became a celebration of all people who are in love, still exists in some particular calendars, and is celebrated all over the world. Thanks to globalization it became quite commercialized, today we have special shops and offers dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day, and what really matters is often forgotten.

What really matters you may ask now. It’s all about love I’d say. We should take care of people we love not only on 14th February but on every day of our life. Today we live quite fast, have a lot of things to do, and have less time for our beloved. Than what we do, in order to compensate what we lost, we are giving very expensive gifts on occasion of Saint Valentine to people we love. Money can’t buy emotions. Money can’t buy happiness although some people believe in such a theory. Maybe am so old-fashioned, but I believe in power of words, in power of love which is expressed, in poetry and music. Every moment of our life is so important, don’t waste any of them. Tell people you love how much you care. Make a postcard by your own hands, be creative. Say what your hearth is hiding to people you love. But remember, 14th February is not only today, or better shouldn’t be celebrated only today. Love should be celebrated every day, every month, every year.

Saint Valentine maybe has no sense to people who feel alone, who are alone. What’s your status? Oh, poor me, I’m single! So what? Who cares. Love is not only about with whom we share it. Love is a sentiment, a universal language understood all over the world. Love has a million of shapes. I simple love, and I can make a big list of people and things I love. I love life, although sometimes it is so complicated. Love connects people no matter where they are and who they are. Love is a noun we can say a lot about. So, never stop speaking about love. Love makes the world go around.

Happy St. Valentine!

To be continued…. In some other language.

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