mercoledì 13 aprile 2011


Dear diary,

After the storm, the sun comes out, someone said once. Quite true, I may say, and it is not just a typical phrase we sometimes say. It is like this and basta. No more to add except that today is really one of those days. Sunshine is not only in my heart, in my soul. It’s all around me, us. It’s a very bright Wednesday afternoon. Compared to the last night, it is almost a gift, the unexpected gift I was not hoping to receive but there is. Sun is shining and warming me, I can feel its positivity and the influence that has on me. I feel quite good, indeed. Now.

Last night it was different. As usual, I prepared dinner just for myself, as mum is at the hospital and dad away for job. I was not in a mood for cooking something, and the wind that was shouting outside that load made me feel anxious, a little bit. It was so angry; I could feel its rage in those attacks to the dinning-room’s windows. The trees outside were trying to defeat themselves from the furious wind which didn’t have any intention to calm down. The lightning on the sky was announcing the arrival of storm. I went to the kitchen and take my favorite biscuits from the shelf. I turn the gas on to warm up some milk. At that moment I heard the first thunder. I felt uncomfortable and a bit scared but not much. The others came immediately after. Sometimes the thunders remind me of the sound of bombings and inevitably I remember of those spring days when my country was bombed by the NATO forces in 1999. When I was a kid I was really afraid a lot of thunders. And to calm down, I would prepare hot milk with honey, what I did last night. In moments like that I realize how much I hate loneliness, although I have always preferred it, since my childhood. I ate quickly as I could, those biscuits I like so much, and drank a cup of warmed milk with honey. I couldn’t wait to go to bed, to be honest, and the storm was there, still. I put away the cup and switched off the lights in the kitchen. I almost ran to the bathroom. Even there I could have heard that horrible sound of thunder and the uproar of the wild wind. I washed my face and brushed my teeth quickly, and put the sleeping dress on. Soon I was ready to go to bed. I got to my room in a few seconds. When I was finally under the sheet, I calmed down. I turned off the lamp on the night table while the storm lullaby was getting loader and loader. Would I manage to fall asleep, I was wandering. That was my last thought before entering the land of dreams.

I woke up with a smile on my face. To be honest, I don’t remember what I was dreaming about. It must have been something very nice. From outside the window was coming the light. Sun was shining brightly. There was no sign of last night’s anger of wind which was now playing gently with the plants on the balcony. I prepared coffee and pour it in my favorite cup I brought from Moscow in 2003. I put the radio on to hear some news. There is no better way to start the new day, isn’t it?

Have a nice Wednesday dear people, wherever you are.

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