venerdì 12 marzo 2010

In memoriam of dr. Zoran Đinđić

Dear diary,

Time runs so quickly but it seems like it was yesterday when Maja came in the classroom where our lessons were held, there was a break, and she said: " Our Prime Minister has been shot!" It was 12th March 2003, exactly seven years ago. I still can feel the trembling of our bodies when we hugged each other. I remember the first tear when we saw at the web page of our newspaper "Novosti" the title of the main news of the day. Our Prime Minister was brutally killed by the people who wanted to stop his pro-European reforms, who wanted to send Serbia back in time, but they did not succeed in it.

A day after, I took a train from Gorizia to Trieste and I went to our consulate. Outside of the building, there were already a lot of people, in Trieste we have a huge community, ready to sign a memorial book. I was so sad, so desperate, it was somehow unbelievable that I was there, that happened what happened. I even don't remember what I wrote on that white page. My hand was shaking while I was writing those lines full of pain, sorrow and proud. It was the moment I realized that it was not a bad dream, it was a pure reality. And my reality has been ruined by a comment of Serbia-Montengro consul at time, probably a native Montenegrin. I was, as I said already, quite sad and a bit shocked for what had happened, so I said something like: "Poor Serbia-Montenegro, we just lost our Prime Minister." And the consul said: " Who knows for how long this union of states will exist." Our country was moaning a death of Serbian Prime Minister and he was thinking already about the Montenegro independence. It was not nor time nor place to make such a comment. He made me angry but I said no word. I left the consulate still widely touched.

Seven years passed since then. Seven long years during which Serbia never forgot Zoran, nor ever will. I feel sorry for not being in Belgrade today, but I will light a candle for him, as every year. Serbia will never forget you. We will never stop to follow your path. Rest in peace Zoran.

2 commenti:

  1. Ko zna gde bismo sada bili da se tada nije dogodilo to sto jeste... Ali, dokle god zivi njegova ideja moderne Srbije kakvu je i on sam hteo da stvori, zivi i on sam i nada se nikada nece ugasiti.

  2. Da, ko zna Natasa...Bilo bi sigurno bolje. Ali bitno je da ga nikada necemo zaboraviti. Dok je nas, koji zelimo Srbiju koju je on sanjao, bice i njega. A nada, pa zna se, umire poslednja.


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