mercoledì 31 marzo 2010

The long weekend in Friuli – Venezia Giulia

Dear diary,

There's been almost two weeks since my last post. No, it's not that I was lazy. You know that I like to write, to open my mind and share my precious thoughts with you, but these last days I was out of town for a long weekend from 19th until 23rd of this month. On my way back home, I discovered that my internet was cut by my provider, for no reason at all, and the clue of the day was that I got flu! So, there was no way that I could go out and argue with the lady at Vodafone's, moreover I had 38.2° so I postponed it for betters days. However, I had to prove to myself that I was not that addicted to web and that I could stay away from my social networks, mail, motivation letters to write, job preoccupations. All that useless stress that was killing me last weeks and months had disappeared and I could finally relax with my family, and to think about the marvelous long weekend I spent with my old friends.

On Thursday, 18th March, late in the afternoon, I took a train from Trento to Bassano and I was heading to Gorizia. A lot of things changed since I was a regular passenger on that local or should I say regional train. Suddenly, a number of intermediate stops was increased and I was obliged to change a train three times. Yes, I could take a super fast train called "Frecciarossa", without all that changes, but a price difference was quite evident so I opted for a "poor" trip version which included a change of train in Bassano, first, then Castefranco Veneto, and at last in Treviso Centrale. Years ago, while I was still a student at the faculty of Diplomatic studies in Gorizia, I was taking the same regional train, but I had to change it only in Venice, from which there was a direct inter-regional train. However, apparently since then things were quite different, so I had to accept the new situation. On the train, I met a nice guy from Senegal, with whom I had a pleasant conversation in French and who was so kind to walk me to the other train because I was afraid of some unpleasant and quite impolite foreign guy who was staring at me all the time. The next track was Bassano – Castelfranco Veneto. I do not exaggerate, but I was completely alone in the compartment! It was an old train and my first thought was: "Am I on the train phantasm?" Every next stop I was expecting somebody to step in but my prayers were not heard. I tried to relax with some music of my mp3 player, but it was useless. Luckily, there was finally a Castelfranco Veneto stop and I was relieved. Then there was other train to be taken, which was going to Treviso but this time I was not alone. I managed to relax and after last change, at eight thirty p.m., I finally arrived to Gorizia, to that town at the Italian-Slovenian boarder where I studied for almost five years, and my friend Alessandra, who was graduating the following morning, and her boyfriend Marco were waiting for me at the station. I was so happy and quite excited because of return to "good old" Gorizia after one year. Last spring, university celebrated its anniversary so we all got reunited. Unfortunately, this time I was alone, girls were out of Italy and I was honored to represent our group of friends for this special occasion of Alessandra's graduation.

The following morning, Marco came to pick me up at Alessandra's flat where I was accommodated. While we were approaching the faculty's building, my heart was beating so fast. I was so excited at idea of going back to the "red" room where the ceremony was held. Alessandra was the first to have the graduation exam. Her thesis topic was quite interesting so professors wanted to ask her some questions and she answered them all with no hesitation. She was really great and I was so moved while I was listening to her and so proud. Obviously, she got the highest mark: 110 cum lode. After the exam, we all went outside where Marco and I put on the wall the papiro. I have to explain. In Italy, they have this tradition to write on a paper panel a long poem of your life, very funny one and containing some secrets from student's life usually unknown to family members. This time, since I was alone, and besides my handwriting is quite illegible, I decided to create a collage of pictures with thoughts and messages of our friends. They all help me a lot, and the rest was a part of my favorite pc program: picassa. I like to create this kind of things, especially for my friends in occasion of their birthdays, so I had quite fun while creating it. Alessandra liked it so much. She was visibly touched while reading it. She was happy and I was even more. The surprise was perfect I'd say!

After the graduation ceremony, we all went to Nino, a bar where we used to hang out, to celebrate. My only sorrow was because the girls, Fabiola , Clara and Francesca, were not with us, but at the end, even from abroad, they sent their love and greetings. I felt like a postman when I gave her postcards Fabiola and Francesca have sent from UK. In Italy there was a TV show, conducted by a famous Raffaela Carra, who was inviting a family members of her guest from abroad, who were living far away and were not in contact with a guest, and she would say: "And now, Francesca (an example) is here!" The show was called "Caramba che fortuna", "Caramba what a fortune", and somehow I felt like I was Raffaela. We stayed for a while at Nino's, and later on, in the evening, we went to Cormons for a dinner. For two days we were celebrating: Alessandra's family, Marco's family and the guest of honor: me. On Saturday we went to Grado, at the seaside where we had a long walk. In the evening Marco's mum Anna invited us for a dinner which was very delicious and I could not do othervise but asking for the recipe. One of these days I will make it for my mum. I hope to surprise her!

I spent the entire weekend in Gorizia and beside Alessandra, I managed to meet with other old friends like Simone, with whom I took a coffee on Sunday morning, but I was most excited when I met, after five long years, my African friends: Lydie and Edwige. They are now both married and have kids. Lydie is a mum of Paolo, who has five months and is really adorable. It was so nice holding him in my arms and playing with him. Lydie was so kind to invite me at lunch, so we had time to remember old days when we both lived at the Catholic student dormitory. Edwige also has a son, his name is Eddy Francesco, and she is pregnant again. Her son is very cute, we played for some time and tried to make some photos but it was practically impossible.

After a weekend, on Monday afternoon, I went to Trieste and I stayed there for two days at Denis' place. Denis is my Croatian girl friend, although she preferred to be called Istrian, as the region she lives in: Istria. We met ten years ago, at the entrance exam, and although we were from countries which were in war, we became quite good friends. Unfortunately, although she passed exam, she was not among people who were accepted so she transferred her to the other faculty in Trieste but we remained in contact and from time to time we were seeing each other. She lives in an old building, owned by a wife of some man from Istria too, which has all inhabitants originally from the Balkans. Every Monday, this guy organizes a multiethnic parties, with food and games. So, I had to go there with Denis and her twin sister Tea, and it was nice, I had quite of fan. The only negative thing was that it was raining all the time and we couldn't go out for a walk but we spoke a lot, listened to music and she showed me her latino fitness tape. Just like me, she gained some extra kilos, and with this latino fitness program, she is practicing every day. I liked it, so Denis made a copy of it for me and I already began to practice it at home. My mum likes it too, so every evening she joins me while doing exercises.

It was really a nice long weekend, full of memories that I will keep in my heart forever. There are some pictures so I made a collage. I hope you will like it.

Good night my friends, wherever you are!

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