domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Friends, voyages and happiness

Dear diary,

I am to blame for leaving you alone for such a long period, I know. I left unwritten these pages for a month and the fault is not online mine. I know, I was quite busy with my new work, with the wedding of my friend, but I also took a week of holidays when my dear friend Ljiljana came to visit me. You remember Ljiljana, don’t you? I already mentioned her in some of my stories and now you can meet my great high school friend.

Ljiljana arrived to Italy from France, where she lives, on Thursday 8th September. While was going to the train station I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for her to arrive. Last time when I saw her it was back in 2009 during my holidays in Serbia. Two long years have passed since those days I spent in Novi Sad, her town, but we were always in contact by mail, facebook and skype. Finally she took of the train and I saw her, different with her new hair style but always the same girl I left at the Novi Sad’s bus station. Finally I could have hugged and kissed her and spent some time with. You just can imagine my happiness and joy, all those emotions that only friends can give us!

Ljiljana stayed with us for a week, the long and intensive one that will be part of my memories forever. We have done a lot of enjoyable and funny things together, and had precious moments that we’ll never forget. We traveled together, visited the city of Romeo, Verona, and went to one of the most romantic places, Venice. It was really very nice week. Since pictures say more than words, I’ll leave you with my personal holiday postcards.

With love,

Venice 2011

Lilly, me and Venice

St. Marco Church's Tower

Lilly, Murano, Venice

Walking through Venice .. let's make some pose.

At the Arena of Verona 

Julietta's balcony

Friends, happiness and joy

Outside of Verona's arena

Trento - at the Buonconsiglio Castle

The Buonconsiglio Castle's garden

4 commenti:

  1. Eccoti finalmente! Ma il tempo passato con gli amici ti assolve dalla colpa di aver "abbandonato" il bloghino :)
    Un abbraccio Emy!

  2. Eh, sì! Ho ripreso l'attività :) Finalmente! :) Cercherò di postare adesso con più regolarità :) Un abbraccio Selene!


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