martedì 9 agosto 2011

Clair de Lune

Dear diary,

Working for a fashion and lifestyle magazine gives you the extraordinary opportunity to be in touch with great and very talented young people. And if these talented people are coming from your home country, it’s even a big plus and pleasure to work with all of them. I’ve been a part of this team for almost a year and I will always be grateful for this work and life opportunity. But I am not here to speak about the experience itself, quite positive that made me realize how much I love my work, I am here to present you Clair de Lune.

No, this is not a book title, or a movie one. Clair de Lune is the second editorial, the first one you may see here, of the best Serbian online lifestyle & fashion magazine called Wannabe. As you can see, the subaquatic pictures are really fabulous, and say a lot about geniality of the photographer Nemanja Maraš. I hope you’ll like it.

Enjoy yourselves! Please be free to leave your impressions!

Photographer: Nemanja Maraš
Photographer’s assistants: Adam Rakićević, Petar Marković
Styling: Predrag Đuknić
Stylist’s assistants: Bojana Bradić, Stevan Ristić
Make-up: Milena Milenković
Model: Isidora Marić 

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