giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Summer song: Breathing

Dear diary,

Last Thursday I started the new blog section, simply called Summer song. Every week, I'll choose one song that has made my day or inspired me with its lyrics and melody. Last week it was a new hit in Serbia, "Untill morning", performed by the group, made of two great artists that I had a chance to interview, called The Shelter. It's a real summer song, that make you sing & dance without stopping. It's kind of musical epidemy. If you have lost it, no matter that the song is in Serbian language you'll like it I am pretty sure. Listen to it now. Click here.

Today I decided to share with you a song, performed by Jason Derulo, titled "Breathing". It's quite a catchy melody, that makes you dance and as far as lyrics are concerned, maybe it's a bit too emotional. I like it, it brings back some memories and since I've heard it for the first time, I can't stop singing. Hope you'll lke it too.

Enjoy your summer. I certainly do enjoy mine. 

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