mercoledì 11 luglio 2012

The colors of the night

Dear diary,

Night.. time to sum up emotions & thoughts of the day.. This Tuesday was quite positive, I can't complain... In sign of new proposals, trust and collaboration, creativity, mine and not necessarily mine.. too many images, feelings and colors, not easy to describe by words.

Luckily, there are pictures, which say a lot without a constant need of thousands bla, bla, bla..useless from my point of view.  Said by someone who speaks a lot, like me, might sound as a lie but it is not. So, enjoy these pictures, which made my day and gave different colors to this night.

First of all, there are few earings that I must have, made by a colleague of mine, Nataša Unković. When I mentioned creativity, I was mainly thinking about her and her jewelry.

These are one of my favorites

These earings are simply perfect, aren't they?

As we speak about creativity, tonight I was in a mood of taking photos and creating collages, which I adore. A friend of mine from Belgrade, Ivana, called this collage "Beneton", and that was a kind of cute.  So, enjoy United colors version of me. 

United colors of Emy

To say good-bye, I chose an old song, perfect for this moment... Guess which one? The color of the night...

Sweet dreams, dear people.. where ever you are!

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