sabato 18 agosto 2012

Summer break over - I'm back

Dear diary,

As you already know, I love summer. It was and still is my favorite season but I started to dislike the hot weather. This last week I opted for a small break from writing and posting, due to another heat wave - 7th since the beginning of summer - called "Desert Colossus that has arrived and which will entertain us for a couple days more. Besides, my mother was on holiday for few days and it was the right occasion to spend some time together in total relax & peace, away from our daily work obligations. I was so tired, I admit, and I needed to slow down in order to continue, fully in strength, with a creative and beloved writing job.

Unfortunately, there were no opportunities for traveling this summer, but I hope that it will be possible to take a train and leave for few days in autumn. I am really longing to visit some old friends that I haven't seen for months. Some other for ages. Every time I start to make a plan, it doesn't work as I wish so no more plans. Let's take things as they arrive. Do not go back in past, nor heading forward to the future quickly, but enjoy your life moments for what they are.

Since I am back, fully active, you can expect new posts on regular basis, in various languages as usual. I promise that I'll write in English more often, as I was doing at the beginning, when I created this online space.   Tomorrow, new poetry post for Serbian readers!

Keep in touch! Have a nice Saturday evening!

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