giovedì 2 agosto 2012

Summer song: Where do I begin [Love story]

Dear diary,

I am sorry for being so lazy these days. Actually, that is unsuitable word, but someone might get it in that way  because I am not posting that often. The fact is that I am so busy, working on new articles for Serbia and America, and sometimes I am so tired that the words are fleeding away from me.

Couple weeks ago I started a new blog section, called Summer song. For obvious reasons I missed our previous music meeting but now here I am. It's quite late, almost midnight to be precise, and it's the ideal moment for some relax before going to sleep. The summer song doesn't need to be always fast, with a rhytm that makes you dance without no brake. For tonight I chose a slow melody I like a lot.

When I was a kid, I went to a private music school for a year. One of melodies I learned to play was "Where do I begin", a theme from a film "Love story", written by Henry Mancini & Francis Lai. For all who love, or been loved, or simply are romantic souls, enjoy.

Good - night! Where ever you are, don't forget that love is the most precious emotion!

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