martedì 12 giugno 2012

Rain, jazz & tornado

Dear diary,

It's one of those days that I would rather be somewhere else, at some tropical island - why not. I hate rain, or better hate it when lasts more than a day. I am so melancholic and if there is something I like during those days it is to abandon myself to music. Not to all kind of music - it's obvious - only jazz.

Even today I am listening to the perfect radio - JAZZRADIO.COM. There are various channels, you can pick the one, or more, that suits you best. At the moment I enjoy Contemporary vocals channel, but there are few I like most and I couldn't choose just one. Jazz is not just relaxing me but also inspires me.

Usually when I write I can't concentrate myself in silence, to be honest I prefer it in rare occasions, and instead I play music. Sometimes it's good old Richard Clayderman whose notes make me fly far, far away, but since I discovered the above mentioned radio,  my musical preference has slightly changed. Besides, jazz & rain matches perfectly. I was actually quite productive today - I wrote two articles. And now I am ready to work a bit on my new book.

Speaking about the rain, a lot of things happened in the last few weeks.. Earthquakes, never actually ended since 20th May, rain and now even we had a tornado, which hit Venice today. Fortunatelly there are no victims but there is a huge damage.

Tornado, Venice, Italy - 12.06.2012


It makes impression, isn't it?

Have a nice day, where ever you are.

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