mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

Time for changes - the blog has a new dress!

Dear diary,

Sometimes we are tired of doing the same things and have a desperate need of change. It is exactly how I feel these days. Change what we dislike it is not that easy, as we believe, or want to believe. However, we have at least to give a try.

There are various ways of change, and not only on a personal level and today I want to speak about one of these.  As you probably have noticed, the blog has a totally new look. Since I created it, in February 2010, I changed the layout several times but for the first time, now, I decided to design something by myself.

I am not an expert, but luckily you can find a valuable help online, in one of those programs that are free of charge. It was not easy to choose the right image from those I made, but at the end I managed. I hope you like the blog's new dress. Below you’ll find all creations; maybe one of them will be used one day.  I’ll let you know.

Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to express your thoughts.

Have a nice day, wherever  you are!

Logo n.1

..and the second one

Logo n. 3

My favorite one!


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