martedì 7 febbraio 2012

No. 1, the one and only Novak Đoković

Dear diary,

Another cold and winter Tuesday. Today I won’t write too much, as usual. I just want to spend few words on what happened yesterday.  Novak Đoković, the best Serbian and world tennis player, won the Laurens World Sportsman of the Year award. After winning the Australian Open last month, we all remember the extraordinary final match with Rafael Nadal, the Laurens award is more than deserved. Last year Novak amused fans and supporter around the globe with one of the greatest seasons in the history of tennis.  He won three Grand Slam champions in 2011 – at the already mentioned Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open – and became No.1 in the South African Airways ATP Rankings. 

What else to say except: Congratulations, Nole! For me he is one of the best ambassadors of Serbia in the world and a great sportsman who arrived on top after years of hard work. Remember, a success is not coming over the night. Whatever people might say about Novak, you may like him or not, but the facts speak in his behalf.  

Novak Đoković holding Laurens trophy Foto: Mirror

Have a nice day!

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