venerdì 12 novembre 2010

I <3 Kraljevo

Dear diary,

It's a cold November day. One of those days that you would like to stay in, with a cup of warm tea, with your own thoughts. Thoughts about your own life, your family and friends, your past and present. You see thousands of pictures in front of your own eyes, pictures that speak about you, better or worst days you would like to remember or to forget. A sort of small, private movie that makes you sometimes laugh, some other time cry. Picture says more than thousands of words, somebody said once and that's probably true, so I chose my picture representing my thoughts, my private movie of this last week and a couple of days more. This picture.

One letter, one symbol, one name. Name of a town that I was born in and which was hit by the earthquake on 3rd November. The same day when I was woken up by my dad's phone call that I will not forget as long as I live. "Last night there was an earthquake in Kraljevo", he told me while I was trying to realize what was happening. I turned on the TV and searched for the Serbian State channel. It was true, no mistake nor a nightmare, it was really happening. My town was destroyed and I was wandering what has happened with my flat, my building, people I grew up with who were still living there, my grandma' who luckily was living in another town with my aunt's family, but still nearby. There were a lot of questions in my mind with no clear answers. I felt fear, I felt sadness, I felt rage. Why that happened to my hometown? In my mind was still vivid a memory of Aquilla earthquake that made me so sad, as much, or even more, sad as I was in that moment. I tried to get in contact with my family and friends. Luckily they were all ok.. I was reading mails, messages, following news with so much sorrow. I was away from that town that I love still, no matter I have good and bad memories of it, and that made me upset. I couldn't do much to change things, except praying a lot and hoping that in my town will never again be such things as earthquakes. And now, when seems that everything is over, there are no smaller earthquakes anymore, I can't stop thinking of a place, people, streets that are so much connected to my past life. My roots still lay there and that's something I never forget. Something that will never change.

And yes, I do love Kraljevo, and in my hearth there is exactly this picture, this symbol that represents a town that will never give up. The town which will win this battle as always he does. And I am so proud that I was born there. Proud to be a girl from Kraljevo.

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