domenica 22 maggio 2011

If the world crashes down

Dear diary,

It’s midnight and a little bit more. A new day has just begun. According to my desk calendar, it’s Sunday, 22nd of May, current year 2011. Our lovely planet has avoided the famous rapture, announced by that funny old man from California called Harold Camping, who, apparently, was so bored that decided to make fun with the rest of the world. His predictions said that on 21th of May, maybe he got confused with 21st of December, the world we live in would have disappeared precisely at 6 p.m. Some people took his preaches for granted, the others, like me, obviously knew that it was just another bad joke and laughed loudly at it. Ok, maybe Maya guys were more serious than Harold was, but in order to prove their rapture theory we all have to wait for 21st of December 2012. I can bet that on that day I’ll be happy to celebrate both my 7th graduation anniversary and another joke. Who knows, maybe by then some other old guy could predict the same thing, or simply Harold might get his third chance (Years ago, in 1994, he made his first rapture prediction).  We’ll see.

The funny thing was that it was given too much of media space to dear old Harold that all over the world this rapture topic was very popular. To be honest, I was ignoring totally the existence of new world ending; I’ve got informed about it by internet. If something is not on the web, it’s not neither popular nor interesting. I was surprised. Everyone was just talking about this rapture thing. Among all, social networks were bombing me with a notice that on Saturday, 6 p.m. local time; my life would have changed drastically. First on facebook, where a lot of my friends’ statuses were speaking about this event; and then on twitter where the most popular tweets were only about Harold’s stupidities. God save me, I’ve said to myself before I went to sleep, from crazy and ignorant people.

I woke up several times during the night. No, God, I was not scared. Please, hello, scared for what? I was just a bit upset; I had some explicit nightmares I would rather not talk about. I have even forgotten that in few hours, by 6 p.m., I would just “disappear”. Vanish. Just like this. I took my coffee, sat at my favorite chair outside and enjoyed the morning sunshine. If the world has to crash down, well, to hell, let enjoy last Saturday of my 30 years lifetime. Ok, 31. Sorry. Anyway, ladies are never asked for their age. And no, I have nothing to hide.

Lunch time, one thirty p.m., family is around.  On the table there is one of my dad’s favorite dishes. Smell is delicious. Not bad for the last meal, according to Harold not to me. Obviously. There is also one of my favorite Serbian sweets for dessert, bajadera, that mum prepared. Time runs slowly. After lunch we all take coffee. I read also the new articles of Wannabe Magazine . There is one that I wrote, about Italian actress and director, Asia Argento, maybe my last article. Always according to dear old Harold, who might not be right.  In afternoon I chatted a bit with Katarina, one of my dearest high school girl friends. When will be 6 p.m.?

My hand watch, my favorite Fossil watch I never get separated from, showed 6 p.m. The clouds were blue and the sun was shining. No signs of storm or whatever that might announce this rapture. Everything is ok, as usual. I was laughing loudly, sitting at the balcony. My Sony mp3 player was on. There was Enrique Iglesias singing: “If the world crashes down on my knees, I know that my life was complete”. The following song was even more appropriate. Gloria Gaynor was fulfilling my soul with joy with her “I will survive”. I was not thinking about this Harold’s rapture nonsense. I was thinking about myself and my own life and how happy I am for having such a great family and friends around. No matter how bad moments we live might be, I can survive them. I will.

It was really nice Saturday in family. Indeed.  

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