mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010

At the final countdown to my 31-st B-DAY

Dear diary,

The winter has come to Trento. It's been snowing for few days and I got so, so excited, as I used to be when I was a kid. Some of my friends think that I am crazy, who ever can be a fan of winter and cold weather, and snow that is melting, and ice, must be a crazy rather than a normal person! Well, what to say, to some extend I am a bit lunatic, who isn't? Besides, there is nothing wrong in loving the snow falling down, a bit of ice under your feet, that sharp breeze of cold in the air. Ok, I should be honest, I am not that BIG fan of this season. However, maybe because I am a winter child, I like it a lot. And if you live in a town surrounded by mountains, like I do, the picture gets more clear and understandable. Plus, if you add to this white scenario some important festivities about to come, such as Christmas, or New Year's Eve, or some birthday in arrival, everything becomes more beautiful. You don't know people who is having a birthday soon? Well, lucky you because you probably haven't met, yet, a crazy, lunatic December girl I know. The girl who adores summer time, sun and sea, and who is, I know that's quite contradictory, a big fan of winter! Oh, I said that I know her? Gosh, I'm that girl! What a mess!

Well, as I said, the winter has arrived to Trento. When I look out from my room's window, I see my adorable mountains, dressed in white, and I get so melancholic thinking about some other mountains, back there in Serbia, surrounding my home town Kraljevo. I go back in childhood, in those good old days still vivid in my memories. I can hear voices of my school friends singing an old Serbian birthday song to me, saying something like: "Today is a lovely day, our friend Emina celebrates her birthday. We wish to her the long life and happiness." I can feel a smell of beautiful cakes my mum used to make for the occasion. I can feel my happiness and joy in that crucial moment of unwrapping birthday presents. I almost get there, at least with my thoughts, but I'm not a six year's girl any more, a curly, long haired girl, with a huge smile who's gazing at me now. I have her so alive in my mind, looking at her now on this family picture located on our dining room's wall. Me and a birthday cake, with six candles, dated 4th December 1986. She is not that different from the girl on the other picture, taken during my birthday party in Gorizia in 2004 I guess, although there is a difference of more than 15 years between these two photos. There is always the same smile of joy on my face in these pictures, the huge smile of joy and happiness. I am wondering what will be on this year's picture? Maybe I should get all them aligned and see how I was changing in these long 30 years of my life. No, better not. What's wrong with me? Am I getting too much melancholic now or what? Is this effect of getting old and so nostalgic? Whatever. Four days are missing to the B-day, and I don't feel, to be honest, that I'll be so old. I feel so young! Maybe too much young, considering the fact my own parents think that I am quite childish. Who cares! I haven't even noticed that. Ok, maybe a little, little bit, but not much. Besides, we all have somewhere in our hearts children that we used to be. Some people take care of them, and some others simply forget who they were, before. Well, I think I belong to this first group and you know what? I am happy because of it!

God, the time is passing so quickly! Seems that it was yesterday when my friends waited for me at the university door and sang to me: "Happy quarter of the century!" Then, I did feel OLD! And now I'm almost to be 31. Well, until Saturday, at least I can enjoy in my thirty's! Speaking about birthdays. Have you ever meet somebody that is born the same day as you, and that you established a very special relationship with that person? Well, I did. I met a very special girl couple years ago, who was also born on 4th December but some years after me, and who is today one of my closest friends. Actually no, she's not my friend, she is more than that for me. She is my sister, my Turkish sister that I love so much, and her name is Simge. It's not good making birthday wishes before, but I'll just say: Are you ready my dear? So let's begin our final countdown together: 4, 3…..

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