domenica 12 dicembre 2010

Sweet thirties.. Welcome to the club 30+1!

Dear diary,

Here we are, welcome to the sweet thirties! Do I feel a year older? Nope! I just feel fine! No big changes, the old, crazy me! I started this December of 2010 in such a great way, celebrating, on day 4th, my B-day with my dear family. And although all my friends and relatives are quite far away, thanks to internet, it was like having them all around! It's needless to say that starting a day with all those wonderful birthday wishes made me so happy! It was really the best gift I've received! And people who know me quite well, know that I appreciate small things rather than big and expansive ones. What I can say, except that I am really grateful to the life for having such great friends. Big thanks to everyone! I love you so, so much! And speaking about presents, I got a very special gift from a very special person, my dearest Turkish sister Simge, who sent me from Istanbul a lovely, pink scarf! As it's quite familiar, pink is my favorite color, and you can imagine my happiness when I opened a package. Çok teşekkür ederim Simge!

Today I ate the last piece of birthday cake. It was really delicious. My butterfly cake. When I was a kid, my mum used to prepare it so, this year, we decided to get back to the good, old days. The butterfly flew away, taking with him a year which was not of great ones, the year I'd rather leave behind, and simply forget. However, our life is made of this, good and bad moments, and everything is part of growing up. Good things make us happy, bad ones make us stronger, and from each of these memories, we learn one important lesson of our life. As far as I am concerned, I learned a lot of important things during these twelve months, things that made me realize who I was and what I would like to be when I "grow up". But I'll keep it for myself. Nor I will tell what my b-day wish was about, because if I tell you, it will not be able to fulfill so… TOP SECRET! What I'd like to remember of this birthday, 31st, hoping to spend as much as my destiny will allow of days like this, it's a sentence my dear cousin Suzana from Sweden wrote me, which made me laugh: "Welcome to the club 30+1!" And before going to sleep, I am sending you greetings directly from "Club 30+1"! God bless you!

That's all folks! For now!

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