mercoledì 17 febbraio 2010

Why I decided to create a blog?

It's 1:20 a.m. Instead of going to sleep, it's quite late I know, I decided to create a blog. It is true, I like to write, as much as I like to speak and I really do speak a lot. People who know me, they are usualy trying to interrupt me, but it is not that easy, I have to admit. And is true that I have a constant need to express myself, but I never did it in English before, except when I wrote some essays, a lot of them actually, during MA program. Somehow is difficult for me, and not only because I believe that you can best express your feelings and thoughts in your mother tongue. Does that mean that I should write in Serbian? Or maybe in Italian? Actually, it would be easier for me to write in one of those languages but I like all sort of challenges. So I'll try to keep this "diary" in English.
How come that I decided to open a blog? Well, it happened by accident. On twitter I found a link of a blog created by one Serbian woman who moved with her husband to the States. In her articles she was writing about her new life away from home and while I was reading her posts, I realized that I could do the same thing. So, I first created the account and after I created this blog. Will it help me to express myself in the way I desire? We will se. I'll do my best.
Thinking about the U.S. A friend of mine, Piermario, moved to Houston for work. He landed last night and we spoke this afternoon. I am really curious to hear his first impressions. And I wish him all the best for this new life adventure.
It's time to go to sleep. So, good night! Tomorrow is a new day.

2 commenti:

  1. Dear Emi, thanks for mentioning me in the first post of your new wonderful "pinky" blog (I know how much you love pink!). Congrats for the idea and...don't give up: you have already two followers not to let down! ;-)

  2. Dear Pier,
    You are welcome. You know how much I love pink. Oh, you gave me the new idea for a blog story. I just remembered my pink look from my graduation fools, and Dani in pink version as well. Thanks for support! I won't let down my followers, there are four now, less one put by mistake the other day (me). And I hope I will not give up. I'll do my best! :)


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