sabato 20 febbraio 2010

"I will go to Moscow by train!" "That's out of question!"

Dear diary,

You know what just crossed my mind? That cold autumn of 2003 in Moscow. I should look for a photo album from that period, but in this caos, I wouldn't know where to find it. Actually, there is a box with all my university stuff, but I have never opened it since I graduated. Should I do it now? In the middle of a night, a moment before going to sleep. Yes, it's late. As usual. My favourite moment of a day when I am most active. Most creative.

We were in the middle of the second term, third year of BA, when my professor of Russian language announced that our group will pass one month in Moscow, in exchange program at the Moscow state university of international relations, so-called MGIMO. You can immagine our happiness and enthisiasm. We were suppposed to spend one month in Russia, to study the language, and for us it was an amazing opportunity. I was so thrilled because of it, except for one insignificant detail: we had to take a plane and for me it was the first time. Since I was a kid, I was suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights), and there was no way I would fly to Moscow!

"I will go to Moscow by train!" I said to the professor. "That's out of question! How many days you would like to travel by train? You will take the plane with others!" She was cristally clear. There was no way that I would go by train. I had to fly, or to give up, and I didn't want it. For everybody that was the real occasion for me to be cured, so after some discussions, I was finally convinced that there was no other way out except of being brave and fly. In the middle of summer holiday, my colleagues informed me about the flight we supposed to take together from Malpensa Milano airport, so I went to the travel agency. When I took that ticket, I knew I had taken the right decision. I was still afraid, but I had to face all my fears. And win, ofcourse.

The day of 9th October 2003 I will remember forever. I went to Milano almost four hours before our flight. I wanted to get used to the atmosphere of the airport. I was watching planes departuring and landing, and my heart was doing bum-bum. In one of those big birds I would experience the moment of touching the sky and I don't know if I was more terrified or excited. Soon the others arrived and I had to say good-bye to my dad. We had to check in, my first check in. Like it was yesterday! After a while, we took a bus which led us to the plane. I met a bosnian couple on it, I remember. On the plane, I was so nervous. I spoke a lot while we were taking of. I said a bunch of stupid things. I even mentioned our french prof I hated, De Gioia! At some point, Laura told me to calm down. We were flying and I was still alive! On our way back from Moscow, I was sleeping. They had to wake me up to tell me that we were landing to the Malpensa airport. Everything was ok.

Luckily, I continued to fly. After it I went to Paris. Alone! Then there was my first time to Belgrade by plane. Then Vienna. Istanbul. Now, you won't believe, but I adore to fly. And everytime it's a new experience. New emotion. Acrophobia? What was that?

And there is a proof. A picture taken at the Moscow airport.

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