mercoledì 17 febbraio 2010

Dear diary.... the new beginning

Dear diary.. When did I write this phrase for the last time? Long time ago. I don't even remember when it was but I do recall thatI was ten when I got my first diary. I was on holiday in Greece with my parents and one day they bought me a small notebook with a lock and a small key. On the first page I put a date and year..and I started with "Dragi dnevniče" , dear diary in Serbian. I managed to keep it for a while, for some years of my childhood, but unfortunately I have never taken seriously the thing of having a diary. Maybe because I am not a constant person. My mum used to say that I was just writing for my soul but that I would never succeed to end what ever I was doing because every time I get bored, I just quit. Probably she was right. I never finished that "greek diary" and I left it behind, somewhere in the past, among all my old books, old photo albums and things belonging to some other life I used to live. I would like to find it, maybe the next time I'll go back to my hometown, and to read it and laugh about foolish things I wrote when I was an adolscent. It would be funny to find among the yellow pages of the never ended book all those people I grew up with. The most of them I haven't seen since the elementary school ended but from time to time I like to remember all of them and I am trying to immagine how my life would look like if I just did not leave my hometown at the age of 16. But I did and to be honest, I never regreted.
So, here I am again. I started a new "diary", my "multicultural" blog where I will try to express myself and where I would take a part of, I would call it journey "on the contrary". Soon it will be the 1oth anniversary since I moved from Serbia to Italy. A lot of things happened in these years, I had an incredible journey of my life and every single person I met "on the road" made my life complete. I dedicate this blog to them. To my family and friends, to simple acquaintances. To every person that crossed my road in these long 10 years.

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