venerdì 26 febbraio 2010

Les Providences.. good, old days I miss

Dear diary,

It's been almost ten years since I moved to Italy, as I already mentioned, and sometimes I feel like it was yesterday. No, I do not feel old, I just feel a sort of nostalgy for good old days when everything was so easy, so different, I can not find the right adjective right now but I know that exists.. You know what I mean? When you are young, you do not care about problems, you just feel happy, no matter happends. More you grow up, more problems you have. As my mum would say, small children, small problems. Big children, big problem. The fact is that I am not a child anymore, although dad says that I am acting like this. However, I would totally disagree. My only problem is that I feel so depressed, or better, I thought I was depressed, but I realized on time that I was wrong. It's easier to invent various illnesses instead to face the reality, and reality is not that noir. On the contrary. My reality is colorful. Sometimes darker, usualy very bright and to this bright reality I need to be attached to. My reality is my family and my friends, athough most of them are far away but we will be always united, thanks to common memories and where these memories will lead me tonight? Right to the convitto!

I spent my first university year at the catholic dormitory for girls, called Convitto delle suore della providenza, where I met my Providences: Fabiola, Alessandra, Clara e Giorgia, without whom my first university year would not be the same, maybe worse, especially if I take into consideration the very strict nun, suor Adeodata, who was always there to keep an eye on us. There were certain rules to be followed.... And where you are young, how can you obey rules? No way, especially if the rule says: Come back home at 10 p.m. To be honest, there were days with no rules, when we could come back at any hour, wednesday, the famous mercoledì universitorio, and saturday, but the problem was that on almost hundred girls there were only three entrance keys. Big confusion! Until we found the way out by hiding the key under a doormat. I remember, once my mum came to visit me, I was at the third year and girls at the time had their own flat, and it was an ordinary week day. We went out but obviously, when we returned home, it was almost 1 a.m. No key, no party would say George Clooney, but then I discovered a secret path from the neighbouring hospital leading to the basement of our dormitory. Actually, the girls discovered it but it was a really big invention and solution of all our problems, and not only for me but also for the following generations.

The life in a catholic dormitory was not always that bad. I liked holiday time, especially before Christmas, when we would organize a big party, with a mass. I am not catholic, I am orthodox and at the beginning I was so afraid of going into their church because I was convinced that it was forbidden. But then, I remember it clealy, it was Sunday before our first exam, my friends ask me to go to a mass with them. I was a bit confused but after a priest from the dormitory told me that we were all christians, I decided to go. First thing I noticed, everyone was sitting. At the orthodox church, during a mass, we always stand up. And the other strange thing for me it was that everybody was singing. I like a lot to sing, at school I was a membre of choir, so for me it was the best part of the mass. By time passed, I learned all religious chants and for every Christmas I was there, ready to sing. And my heart was full of happiness. Every and each time I was happy because I was surrounded with friends and they all were for me a sort of family, nuns includeed. They thought me some things for which I will be always grateful to them, especially a cooking nun.

Before coming to Italy, I was really a big disaster in the kitchen. I was not even able to prepare a simple coffee. My best speciality was the instant pasta. You know that receipe, right? You put a water to boil and then you add pasta and powder from the paper bank. In ten minutes, your lunch or dinner is ready. It's not maybe that tasty but with some parmigiano it's perfect or better say eatable. After some time time I learned to cook, I even improved myself in cooking. I won't be a super chef but my cakes are great! I like to prepare cakes and sweets. I am quite a gourmand. One of my Providences, Giorgia, used to call me diabete because of sweets, I can not say no to them. Never. Luckily, I am not a model, nor would like to be. I like myself the way I am. Although I should loose some weight. Poco.

I would like to end my story with nuns with one particular memory. I was almost to become a suora. The nuns thought that I would be a perfect nun, they even thought to convert me into Catholicism. Could you see me as a nun? In black and white? No, not me. No offence, but I am happy to be an Orthodox, although my name does not sound christian. And to be honest, I prefer other colors. And no, I am not speaking about the foodball! But if you want to know, I prefer black and blu. Whatever that means.

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