martedì 26 ottobre 2010

New house, New life!

Dear diary,

Long time no see! I know, I've been quite lazy. To be honest, these last months of my life were not of those that are worthwhile to be mentioned. Nothing special happened. Actually, that's not quite true. There is something. We moved to the new flat! Yes, I've almost forgot it. Apparently I forgot a lot of things that has happened recently but.. I'll do my best to relive in these days all those nice moments.

As I said, we moved in a new flat in July. We have been looking for this flat for long time, but probably it was not the right moment. By this summer, we were just not lucky enough, but finally our dream has come true. I don't want to remember those days when people used to insult me just because I'm a foreigner, before telling me that the flat I saw to be rented in the newspapers is not available any more. I was really happy when the woman who is the owner of our flat told me she didn't care about my family's nationality. I know when you have a lot of negative experiences, it's difficult to trust people but I will always be grateful to her for kindness and the way she treats us. Every time when she comes to take a rent, she brings us vegetables or fruits from her garden and it's like having a sort of grandma', specially because my grandma' lives far away, in Serbia. However, as I said, I don't want to look back, I want to look forward, so let me tell you few words about this our new "kingdom".

From the first instant I enter into this flat, I felt like I was at home. It was like there was some special connection between us and this house. We all felt something strange in the air, or as we say that this house was literally waiting for us. It is very similar to our flat in Serbia, except one small difference: there are two big balconies with a very nice view, and in Serbia we have just one and not that large. The flat has been already furnished but we added some our stuff. My mum likes decorating rooms and since she was not satisfied with the old furniture belonging to the owner, she made some changes. Luckily we were allowed to do so.

I like every room, but my favorite corner is my own "kingdom" in pink and violet, with my books, pictures and postcards. I like my room really so much that I spend the most of my time inside of it. I read books, listening to the music and writing, which is my soul food, if I may say so. Without writing I couldn't imagine my life anymore, although this passion for the literature contributed to the emotional crisis I've been passing through recently. But that is some other story.

New flat, new life! We are all so happy now, relaxed and glad that our search at the end was fruitful. Pity that the summer ended, I can't pass anymore my days at the balcony in a company of some good book. I shall wait for the spring I guess!

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